Year 2018 Forecast Base On Bazi

Year 2018 Forecast Base On Bazi


Since 2012, we have been writing world forecast using Bazi. During these 6 years, we have been amazed by simplicity of a Bazi chart can reflect world events or movement which help serves as a forecast and in turn help us to make our decision wisely. This year is a first that we have decided to translate the analysis into English to benefit our English readers.

Based on 2018 Bazi chart, the day master is Ding fire. Often depicts as a candle or match fire in the mass market Bazi text. The characteristics for Ding fire is subtle and gentle (Because of Yin polarity). In terms of personality characteristics, Ding fire can symbolises a firm decision maker. In order for us tide through in the year of 2018, such personality (firm decision maker) is required in order for us to tide through 2018.

What makes CM Centre forecast different is that we usually do not use one year pillar to analyse the world situation. Like year 2018, Wu Xu pillar, because both are earth elements that does not clash, it is not wrong to say that this year property market will get back in shape. (Earth usually relates to property) However we should not just rely on one Bazi pillar, we should study the interaction amongst the pillars to have a better analysis instead.

The year pillar itself is well rooted and the heaven stem itself receives good positive heavenly Qi. However, when we compare the pillars together. You realise that there is too much Resource and Influencing stars that is weakening the yearly pillar.

So what does this mean then? There might be a rush to buy up property because people believe that the property market is improving. However do take note that there is always risk in doing major investment such as property. Never underestimate the risk and please do your homework well, also one of the favourite element, metal is missing. This could also mean that it will not be easy to get a loan to finance your purchase or money earning opportunity is difficult to seek, do not dream of fly by get rich overnight kind of scenario happening this year.

Because Metal does not appear in the chart and you have a lot of resource stars that is conducive for peers stars growth. Peer stars when unfavourable means you tend to spend a lot of money needlessly as well. That is why it will be wise to be frugal or manage your finance wisely. Especially towards the end of 2018, where the peer star energy is strong, you might see a lot of merging activities in the IT industry or the IT industry that is complaining about losses.

While 2018 is not all good, but this is not the end of the world. We should confront it positively, for those who are employees, you can sign up for courses to value add yourself so that you can gain better recognition from your bosses. For those who are self-employed, play it safe and ensure you do your necessary homework before making any major business decision.

Lastly here are some of the industries performing index according to the Bazi chart:

Earth (Fav.) = Property, Farm, Construction etc .
Metal (Fav.) = Stocks, Jewellery, Transport etc.
Water (Unfav.) = Fishery, Marine, Movies etc.
Wood (Unfav.) = Furniture, Paper Related, Publisher etc.
Fire (Unfav.) = Petroleum, Cosmetics, IT Communications etc.

Many things may be beyond you. However, it doesn’t mean you can let go what is within your grasp. CM Centre can help you analyse your personal luck and help you to strategise ahead. Apart from destiny analysis we have other services that can surely help to improvise your luck.

Wishing you a health and prosperous year 2018. Interested to know more of our services? Email: