Feng Shui Audit Services

April 16, 2017

Some of the common things our customers asked us before they engage our services:

  • What are you charges?
  • What are the things you required from us?
  • How do you perform your Feng Shui audit?
  • What does your package contains?
  • Are there any hidden charges or would you want us to purchase Feng Shui items?

I hope the below-mentioned write-out can answer our future potential customers’ queries:

1)    What are you charges?

At CM Centre, we are transparent with our charges. All the pricings for our various services are listed in our website. For instance the HDB Feng Shui services: http://cmcentre.sg/service/hdb-feng-shui/ Prices are reasonable priced from $288 onwards. Do visit our page: http://cmcentre.sg/fengshui-services/ for the comprehensive range of services we provide.

2)    What are the things we required from you?

step 1

3)   How do we perform your Feng Shui audit?


step 2

4)    What does your package contains?Our package contains:

  • One physical visit at your premises to perform Feng Shui audit and access the Feng Shui quality of your house.
  • Explain the strength and flaw of your unit.
  • Implement Feng Shui remedy to your household.
  • For new purchase, we will provide one renovation and move in date for the household.
  • Bazi (destiny analysis) for the year ahead (non-comprehensive) for the occupants.

5)   Are there any hidden charges or would you want us to purchase Feng Shui

There are no hidden charges. Our ultimate goal is not to change your house into a Chinese restaurant, but rather to ensure that the occupants enjoy the harmonious effect of Feng Shui.If you have other enquiries do mail us at: info@cmcentre.sg