12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Dragon



2019 Dragon

Auspicious Stars: Yue De, Hong Luan
Inauspicious Stars: Si Fu, Xiao Hao, Ban An

For year 2019, our friends that belongs to Dragon horoscope this year has two auspicious stars finally. This is something to celebrate about because last year you have none. Let us start with the analysis of negative stars first.

This year for those negative stars, to take more time off to ensure that your family members’ health are taken care of. Beside this, do not sit on matters and procrastinate hoping that everything will be resolved by itself. One of these days is none of these days. Remember that. On top of all this there incurred un-necessary expenditure this year.

However, with the auspicious stars help you should not need to fret much as the two auspicious stars would usually help to neutralise the impact of the negative side, consider this as a blessing in disguise. Oh, this year because Hong Luan star is with Dragon, our single friends might potentially meet their soulmate. ?

So to reduce the overall impact, maybe you might want to spend some money on body check-up for family members to answer the negative star issue that may bring might not be an bad idea for year 2019.