12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Monkey


2019 Monkey
Auspicious Stars: Yu Tang, Tian De, Fu Xing
Inauspicious Stars: Juan She, Pi Ma, Jiao Sha, San Xing, Huang Fan

For the year of 2019, our Monkey friends are enjoying a good year. This year the number of positive and negative stars are the same. Like I mentioned earlier, we should learn to amplify the focus on the positive stars as part of our solution to the new year challenges. Plus, with the understanding of the negative stars traits. We can better our emotional well being as well.

This year the common properties of all these negative stars boil down to three factors only. Your elderly family member may be prone to frequent illness. Second, there maybe un-necessary expenditure coming up your way and lastly you be the center attraction of gossip among your friends or in work place.

For the positive stars, its positive effects are to bring in some wealth luck and help mitigate the negative influences from the negative stars. Also, you may find yourself easier to make friends by leveraging on your people network there might be positive surprises. So in general to mitigate your problems this year, you can spend some money to bring your family members for health check up.

Make use of the good positive stars energy to allow yourself to charge forward and enjoy an exciting year ahead in 2019.