12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Rooster


2019 Rooster
Auspicious Stars: Wen Chang
Inauspicious Stars: Tian Gou, Diao Ke, De Sha, Zhai Sha

For the year of 2019, our friends that belongs to the Rooster Chinese horoscope this year has only one auspicious star. While there four negative stars this year. Just like I have mentioned before, amplified your focus on the positive star, invest time on it you be fine overall.

So what does year 2019 holds for our Rooster friends? This year the negative influence from the negative stars boils down to several issues. One of the major issue will be nagging health issues, although not life threatening it is best that you take care of your health by taking care of your diet.

Apart on health issues, you be prudent on your expenditure and be mindful and stay aware if not you get yourself into so weird accident. That been said, you can spend more time to invest yourself in studies. Because with the help of Wen Chang star, you can study better and achieve better academic results. So why not invest and value add yourself more? 2019 can still be a good year to look forward to. ?