12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2020) – Goat


2020 Goat
Auspicious Stars: Long De, Ziwei, Di Jie, Yu Tang
Inauspicious Stars: Po Bai, Tian E, Liu Hai, Sui Sha

For the year of 2019, for our friends that belong to the Goat zodiac this year has more negative stars than a positive one. This year would be a more challenging year than last year. However, as I mentioned we should shift and amplify the focus on the positive star as part of the solution. Also, we the understanding of all negative stars, with the understanding you can pick up the correct mental attitude to resolve the challenges that are thrown at you.

So let us take a look at the negative stars first since we have 4 of them. This year, these stars will make our Goat friends impatient, rowdy and may encounter accidents. On top of that, you may see an increase in unnecessary expenditure. Therefore you are much encouraged to stay calm and be more financially prudent in your expenditure to curb the negative influences from the negative stars.

As for the positive stars, this year you can display or excel for your personal talents. Amplify the focus spend time reviewing your inner talents, nurture or invest it so that it adds value to your career or personal well being rather than spending time and worry about your negative stars.

This year can still be a good 2019 for you if you can spend more time focusing on the positive stars.

2020 肖羊的運勢