12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2020) – Rooster


2020 Rooster
Auspicious Stars: Tian Xi, Tian De, Fu Xing, Ba Zuo
Inauspicious Stars:  Juan She, Pi Ma, Xian Ci, Tao Hua

For the year 2020, our rooster friends will be enjoying a good year ahead. Because this year auspicious stars will outshine your negative stars. However, you must be able to understand the negative stars traits so that you can avoid inviting negative energy into your life.

This year you may inevitably get involved in unnecessary conflict or gossips, but it is your choice to avoid. You also need to spend time with your elderly members and understand how their health situation is important as well. On the positive side of it, you should be surrounded by noblemen to tide you over.

Apart from the noblemen assistance it may bring in some wealth luck and help mitigate the negative influences. Therefore, with such good star effects surrounding you. You should really invest time to do something relevant or productive that can impact your personal life positively so that you won’t squander the positive energy from the auspicious stars.

2020 is the year for you to spend more time to invest yourself to either make yourself more relevant or productive rather than spending time gossiping.

2020 肖雞的運勢