12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2021) – Dragon



2021 Dragon

Overall :
2021 our Dragon friends can get along better with female friends and leverage on this strength to help enhance your career. As there will be unexpected expenses and frequent conflicts with people that may have an impact on your career as well. So, remember to spend more time investing in human capital this year and be more patient as well.

Wealth :
Overall wealth luck is not ideal as the negative energy has a great impact on your wealth this year resulting in un-necessary expenditures. Avoid high-risk investment and business collaboration for business owners. Financially prudence is what you need to keep your money in check.

 Career :
Although there might be a tendency you may change job. But your overall career luck is fine, especially if your superior is a lady, your hard work in your job will not go unnoticed. But remember to have more tolerant and patient to avoid unnecessary conflicts with your colleagues.

Relationship :
For those singles Dragon friends, it will be easier for you to get hitched this year. However, for those who are in a relationship or married. You need to be ready to lend a willing ear, show more empathy and patience in order for your relationship to work out.

Health :
In terms of health, there shouldn’t be too many issues. But do avoid dangerous sport or activities such as mountain climbing or diving to avoid getting yourself hurt unnecessarily. Keep your emotion in check as well or else it may have an impact on your well being as well.

2021 肖的運勢