12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2021) – Ox



2021 Ox

Overall :
This is year is the year of the Ox, as this is your Tai Sui year, you probably will feel the energy from the Jupiter most. You probably feel bogged down by things that are beyond your control and at the same time because of the challenges you encounter, you may lose your patience over the slightest thing. So leverage the positive energy star Hua Gai to enhance your talent and wisdom to overcome your challenges in 2021.

You need to exercise finance prudence. As there will be unexpected expenses. Therefore, you should avoid investment because you should minimize all unnecessary risk. The only form of acceptable investment is to invest yourself to acquire new skill sets to value add yourself instead.

You may hold some supervisory roles or somewhat been notice for the skillset you are able to demonstrate in your workplace. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should stay low profile because there will be villains in your workplace that will scrutinize your work and may cause you unnecessary stress. Therefore you should mind your own business to avoid such issues.

You may need to place in a lot of effort to “energize” your relationship to keep it alive. Since there are no auspicious stars to support your relationship luck. This is because of unforeseen changes in your relationship or bad mood swing that may ruin your relationship. You should stay positive and place more patience in your relationship to overcome the challenges this year.

Health Luck:
This year you probably find yourself by visiting the doctor regularly, or some small illness eg: cold or flu;  that never seems to be cured entirely. Therefore make sure to make regular medical check-up to ensure your body is in pink or health and more importantly, stay positive and do not engage in a dangerous sport.


2021 肖牛的運勢: