12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2021) – Rabbit



2021 Rabbit

Overall :
2021 our Rabbit friends will have a challenging year ahead as there are no auspicious stars to mitigate the negative energy from the inauspicious stars. The challenges will be revolved around career, health and emotion this year. Even without the help of auspicious star, you can make the change by staying positive to confront the issue and value add yourself by investing more time on self-development.

Wealth :
While the negative star does not impact your wealth luck this year. It is good to practice financial prudence this year and have more spare cash by your side as the frequency of you visiting the doctor will be higher this year. Apart from financial prudence, it is good for you to postpone any big-ticket item spending.

 Career :
You may need to stay profile this year as the adverse impact from the negative star may cost you your job or you be drawn into unnecessary conflict. Therefore, as I suggested earlier, it will be best that you should spend more time on self-development, for those business owners it would be better to look into details to avoid unnecessary conflict of interest.

Relationship :
This year will not be easy for relationship simply because you may be too emotional and argumentative thus creating a distance between you and your partner. However, such a thing could be avoided if you positively confront the issue by communicating between with your partner more. Such communication leads to better understanding and reduces conflicts.

There might be some illness that may happen suddenly. This is also because of the cumulative issues from emotions that I have mentioned earlier that is one of the contributing factors that might cause it to happen. Therefore, I will need to stress again that it is best to stay positive and confront the challenges ahead in the year of the Ox.

2021 肖的運勢: