12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2021) – Tiger



2021 Tiger

Overall :
2021 our Tiger friends’ luck is better than last year. As the auspicious stars are shining bright and enhance their luck in the area of noblemen, career and relationship. However, you must be a self-initiator and refrain yourself from procrastination. As the saying goes:” One of these days is none of these days” Don’t let procrastination become a showstopper to your personal success and squander this year good luck.

Wealth :
This year you tend to miss an earning opportunity or may have un-necessary and/or ad-hoc expenditures. But all these could be mitigated if you can constantly tap on or leverage your personal network to make up for the opportunities lost. But remember to avoid high-risk investment.

 Career :
You might find it easier to meet your KPI as your superiors are appreciative of the hard work you have put in. But don’t forget, don’t let procrastination drag you down. Remember to keep up with the momentum and follow up your tasks promptly so as not to disappoint your superiors. Keep up with the momentum and leverage the positive energy of the auspicious stars.

Relationship :
It’s a mixture of good and bad luck. As Hong Luan is responsible to enhance a relationship, Gu Chen enhances the opportunity for you to be solitary. Therefore, those who are single get attached easily while those who are couples may find it easier to get married. Since our Tiger friends maybe egocentric at times, for them to make their relationship success, they may need to show empathy and a listening ear.

Health Luck:
This year small illness may eg: cold or flu; that will come back to you intermittently. It’s not a big deal, but it may cost you some money. But since wealth luck may need to spend unnecessarily. You could plan such expenditure on regular medical check-up to ensure your body is in pink of health or spend some money on health supplement to support your wellbeing.

2021 肖的運勢: