Rabbit Zodiac 2022 – Chinese Horoscope Predictions & Fortune

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac



Outlook for Rabbit Chinese Zodiac in Year 2022

Overall :

This year will give you more breathing room and will undoubtedly be a better year than 2021 due to the presence of more auspicious stars than last year. While you may have some potential PR issues on the horizon and feel a lack of drive or motivation to get things done, as long as you can remain calm and analytical, there will be help available along the way.

Rabbit Wealth & Fortune 2022

As mentioned in the overall luck session, you have some complicated human relationship issues, and everything will feel slow for you because you lack drive. Avoiding partnership businesses or group investments will help you avoid unnecessary friction between your friends or partners.

Rabbit Career & Job Prospects 2022 

If you are a man, you will be showered with help from noblemen in your career. It doesn’t mean that if you’re a lady, you don’t fare better. It’s just that the positive star tends to favor the guys. However, do not procrastinate or sit on issues that need to be addressed, as this may have an impact on your career performance this year.

Rabbit Relationship & Marriage 2022

Married personnel are encouraged to be faithful and refrain from extracurricular relationships to keep their marriage. There may be many temptations around you for single rabbit friends, but there may be more than meets the eye, so stay sharp and focused to select the right partner.

Rabbit Health 2022

If you don’t stay positive and focused this year, negativity will get the best of you. Aside from that, you could be suffering from minor ailments such as the flu or a cough, which are fairly common; with proper medical treatment, you should be fine. You’ll be fine this year if you keep a positive attitude and take care of your health regularly.

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