12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Pig

12 Chinese Zodiac Animals 2019

2019 Pig
Auspicious Stars: Tian Jie, Sui Jia 
Inauspicious Stars: Xue Ren, San Xing, Jian Feng,Tai Sui

2018 Feng Shui Analysis

Shift of energy is an annual affair. And because of the shift, every sector in the house that is receiving the energy will be different. As the part of keeping on with the tradition, CM Centre has listed out all the good and bad sector in the year of 2018. We have even place a flying star matrix to allow readers to differentiate the stars energy. A word of caution, just avoid the blue font wording for ground breaking activities you be fine.

Year 2018 Forecast Base On Bazi

Year 2018 Forecast Base On Bazi

Since 2012, we have been writing world forecast using Bazi. During these 6 years, we have been amazed by simplicity of a Bazi chart can reflect world events or movement which help serves as a forecast and in turn help us to make our decision wisely. This year is a first that we have decided to translate the analysis into English to benefit our English readers.