Ziwei Destiny Reading (紫微)

In Chinese Metaphysics, two popular methods of Destiny Analysis are used. Bazi is most common for an overview of your life (your character, strengths, weaknesses) and Divination for the future. The other method is Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗數). Zi Wei Dou Shu, today, is often referred to Purple Star Astrology as well.

In Chinese culture, it is believed that when a person is born, the alignment of the stars can determine one’s innate character and his/her destiny. A snapshot of the heavens, if you will. When applied together, both methods can tell you more about your destiny.

Zi Wei Dou Shu, although not as mainstream as Bazi, is reputed to have uncanny accuracy in describing past events and foretelling the future in detail.

Ziwei Reading Service

Our Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis can equip you with knowledge of what lies ahead in your future and forewarn you of pitfalls in your life. Our aim is to equip you with the self awareness and of your current and future situation. So that appropriate actions and decisions can be made in time to come. Helping you to seize opportunities and mitigate disasters.  Therefore, leading to a happier, fulfilling life.

Each consultation session will be around 60 minutes and your personal Zi Wei Chart will be provided to the you.

Ziwei Consultation

Our Zi Wei Dou Shu Reading and Analysis will be cover various aspects on your life. Namely Spouse, Wealth, Children, Career and Wisdom luck. Health luck reading will not be given as we strongly feel that we should not be giving medical advice in whatever shape or form. If you have Health concerns, consult your doctor or physician instead.

Overview of each destiny analysis component:

  1. Spouse Luck
    You will be briefed on your marriage ahead and the relationship with your spouse. Highlighting to you the possible pitfalls you may encounter in your marriage. And suitable solutions and advice will be given to you to help improve your marriage relationship.
  2. Wealth Luck
    You will be briefed on your financial health. You also be given sound advice on how to handle your wealth. For example, avoiding speculative investments…
  3. Children Luck
    You will be briefed on your children luck. Specifically on how your relationship with your children will be. And of course, for those are in the stage of family planning, we can advise on the suitable date and time to have plan for a baby. Additionally, if you have just welcomed a new baby, we can help with baby name selection based on his/her Bazi.
  4. Career and wisdom Luck
    Ziwei Career Analysis – You will be briefed on your suitable career industries and actionable advice to improve your decision making process. For example, by upgrading yourself by attending courses.

Required information

To receive an accurate Bazi reading, we would required your date of birth and time of birth that is recorded in your birth certificate. Additionally we require your email address for correspondence.


At CM Centre, we are transparent with our charges. All the pricings for our various services are listed in our website. For instance the Destiny reading services:

  1. Bazi Reading
  2. Zi Wei Dou Shu Analysis

Both applications of destiny reading provides accurate reading of your life, on condition that your DOB and time of birth is correct.


Zi Wei Dou Shu Analysis Booking

To recap, Zi Wei Destiny analysis is like a weather forecast for your life. It helps to explain why certain things are happening to your life and the relation to your luck cycles. With destiny analysis you will have an unfair advantage amongst your peers as it will help to make informed decisions on your life. Contact us or complete the form below to book an appointment.

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At CMCentre, we aim to provide affordable guidance and advice for our clients whatever your stage in life may be. Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui can help you during important milestones in your life, from getting married, starting a new business, welcoming a new baby to buying a private property or BTO selection. Furthermore Divination services like Qimen Dunjia can further help you on specific decision making.