Ziwei Destiny Reading (紫微)

In destiny analysis arena, there are two popular application used, one is Bazi the other has to be Ziwei Dou Shu. Bazi deals with Qi (Yang) while Ziwei deals with Shu (Yin). Both applications when use together can tell you more about your destiny.

Analysis will be based on spouse, wealth, children, career and wisdom luck. Health luck is not given as I personally feel that I am a destiny analysis consultant, not a doctor. Each session will be around 60 minutes, a Ziwei chart is given to the user on the spot.

Overview of each destiny analysis components

  1. Spouse Luck: You will be briefed on your marriage ahead, what are the pitfall of your marriage, and suitable solution and advise will be given to you to help improvise your marriage relationship.
  2. Wealth Luck: You will be briefed on your finance health, you be given sound advise on how to handle your wealth etc.
  3. Children Luck: You will be brief  on your children luck specifically what will be your relationship be like with your kid, and of course those who like to have family planning we can advise when is a better time for you to have a baby.
  4. Career and wisdom Luck: You will be brief on what is your suitable career and what are the things you can do (e.g upgrading yourself by taking courses etc) that can help or improve your decision making.


Destiny analysis is like a weather forecast, it can help to explain why our current happenings are closely related to your luck cycle. With destiny analysis you will have an unfair advantage amongst your peers as it will help to strategise your life better.

Some of the common things our customers asked us before they engage our services:

  • What are you charges?
  • What are the things you required from us?
  • How do you perform the analysis?
  • What does your package contains?
  • What are the advice you will provide to us?

I hope the below-mentioned write-out can answer our future potential customers’ queries:

  • What are you charges?

At CM Centre, we are transparent with our charges. All the pricings for our various services are listed in our website. For instance the Destiny reading services:

  1. Bazi Analysis
  2. Ziwei Reading

Both applications of destiny reading provides accurate reading of your life, on condition that your DOB and time of birth is correct.

  • What are the things you required from us?

Your date of birth and time of birth that is recorded in your birth cert plus your email address for correspondences purposes.