Cleansing (破煞 / 旺宅)

Not to be confused with Ghost Busting. Instead, this is a ritual for improving positive energies for your property. Specifically, before your house renovation has started and prior to moving in.

In the practice of Feng Shui, it is believed that we are constantly surrounded by energies and vibes. Positive and Negative energies. This is called Qi in Feng Shui. In our cleansing process, we help to enhance the positive Qi in your lodging. Thus, providing a harmonious effect for the occupants.

Cleansing Process

For most of us, buying a new property is a major life milestone. It marks a new beginning into adulthood. We all want a good and auspicious start in this new chapter in life. Including renovations. Everything must be “Swee Swee”! As the common saying in Singapore goes…

Here’s how a typical Cleansing process goes:

  • Engage us for the cleansing ritual 破煞, before the start of renovations.
  • Handing over of keys to us upon receiving the keys to your property.
  • A date is selected and we will head over to perform the ritual on the selected date.
  • All rituals performed adhere to professional practices with Talisman and offerings.
  • Occupants can only enter the property after the ritual is done.
  • After your renovation, you can engage us again to perform another ritual to boost positive Qi 旺宅