Cleansing (破煞 / 旺宅)

This is not a ghost busting services, rather this service is cater for clients who wants to improved the house Qi before they start renovation or before they moved in. We are constantly surrounded by energy and vibes. That is why, cleansing process can help to charge up the Qi in your house therefore providing harmonious effect to the occupants.

Everyone wants a good start for everything, including renovation. Our Clients engage us for the cleansing ritual 破煞, before they start their renovation. Usually upon getting the keys, our clients will pass us the Key, they will only enter the new premises  after we have selected a date and perform the ritual.

After renovation, our clients will also engage us to perform another ritual to boost up the good Qi, this is known as 旺宅.

All rituals adhere to professional practices with Talisman and offering.


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