Hdb Feng Shui (堪與)


Does your HDB apartment have an optimal Feng Shui environment? Every HDB flat has a different flows of Chi. It depends on several factors such as location, the surrounding geography and natural features. Flat layout such as the direction of the front door is also a factor. As the main door is where the Chi will enter the house. That is why, it is very important to select a HDB flat with good Feng Shui during your BTO selection.

If you are always feeling moody or listless in your place of residence, or there seem to be countless arguments amongst the occupants, it may be time to do a Feng Shui Audit. Having a good Feng Shui can have positive effects on the occupants. And harnessing good Chi can mean a harmonious, balanced and positive well-being for the occupants. If you feel good in where you live, chances are the positive energies will channel to your professional life and personal relationships as well.

HDB Feng Shui Audit and Analysis

In our Feng Shui Audit of your HDB flat, we help you understand what is Feng Shui chi flows in your house. And a structured framework is provided for your reference so that the occupants of the HDB flat can enjoy lasting positive Feng Shui effects for years to come. Think of it as actionable Feng Shui tips to keep the good energies flowing.

Good HDB Feng Shui
Feng Shui Tip: Get rid of clutter. A clean living space = a happy space.

We do not believe in using expensive ornaments to enhance Feng Shui. But rather positive energies are harnessed from proven Classical Feng Shui techniques. These methods are implemented by our experienced Feng Shui Consultants for our clients for various residential Feng Shui Analysis.

In addition to the activation of Feng Shui auspicious spots, the occupants will receive a brief Bazi analysis to help them strategise their years ahead. A Bazi Reading is essential to help you look ahead and plan for the future and to foresee any obstacles that you may encounter. In Chinese Metaphysics, having a good Feng Shui is only forms one part of a complete picture, therefore a Bazi reading provides you with a holistic view of your life.

Feng Shui Private Property and Commercial Property

In addition to Feng Shui HDB properties, CMCentre also can also other types of properties including Feng Shui for private residential properties, Commercial properties and for a complete Feng Shui for businesses.

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