CM Centre

Feng Shui Consultation Services, Courses and Products.

CM Centre is founded in Singapore by practicing Feng Shui masters. Since young, our founders are fascinated about Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. Their pursuit of knowledge had led them to seek guidance from the same Feng Shui Master. Today, CM Centre has served hundreds of clients in Bazi readings and Feng Shui audits.

Baby Name Selection
Auspicious Chinese Name Selection based on Date and Time of Birth
Baby Naming Service
Feng Shui HDB BTO Selection
Don't make Feng Shui mistakes on your BTO selection. Call us before you select your flat!
HDB BTO Selection
Bazi Reading
Thinking about changing your career or making a life altering decision? Consult us for a Bazi analysis
Analyse your Bazi

Feng Shui Masters

Master Andy Tan


Since young, Andy, had strong interest in the Chinese Five Arts (五术) 山, 医, 命,卜,  相。Upon stabilizing his Audio Visual business, he start his quest in search for knowledge to fulfill his strong desire to master the Chinese Five Art.

Master Shawn Yuen


His initial interest was in Western Metaphysics (Numerology, angel card reading etc) in 2008, but he felt that our Chinese ancestors’ wisdom should not be left out, and in a twist of fate, he started learning and reading Chinese Metaphysics text.