BTO Selection for HDB Flat

BTO Selection for HDB Flat

You spend half or more of you fortune to purchase your dream HDB flat just to realise that your HDB unit failed badly when it comes to Feng Shui audit. This could means that you are required to buy a new HDB flat which is nearly impossible because of regulations. Or you need to do major renovation works to your HDB unit in order improve Feng Shui energy of your HDB unit.

CM Centre can help you prevent the above-mentioned scenario through our innovative BTO Feng Shui selection methods. Through these methods we are able to help would be HDB flat owners to eliminate some of those commonly made Feng Shui mistakes:

  • External land form that could enhance the negative Feng Shui energy to your HDB unit.
  • Ensure that your kitchen is in the correct direction and not in Heaven’s Gate direction.
  • Ensure that your HDB unit is not in the way of Five Ghost direction which would invite a lot of un-necessary gossips in your life.

Here’s how we can help you on your BTO selection