About Us

Feng Shui originated from China over 4,000 years ago. Feng Shui, when loosely translated it means “Wind and Water”.

In a way, we have been hinted that Feng Shui relates to how our living environment interacts with us when we stay in the property or office.

It is amazing how Feng Shui can affect our lives. Feng Shui can either help us to improve lives or create detrimental effects, if there is negative Feng Shui formation or placement in the property.

As practicing Feng Shui masters, CM Centre founders have always been fascinated about Feng Shui and related studies since young. They have spent a lot time in studying Feng Shui related materials and tried various Feng Shui products whenever possible.

That is why both masters ended up learning Feng Shui from the same famous local Feng Shui master. Because of their passion in Feng Shui and other related studies. This is how CM Centre was founded.

Both founders of CM Centre feels that Feng Shui:

  • Feng Shui harness natural Qi (energy) to provide positive effects for the occupants.
  • When the correct Feng Shui methodology is applied, it helps to enhance wealth and health luck.
  • Property with poor Feng Shui placement, is known to bring in negative effects Eg: poor health or poor wealth accumulation to the property occupants over time. Indeed, one does not experience poor Feng Shui effects immediately, in fact, Feng Shui effects slowly accumulates over time for the occupants.
  • Feng Shui does not require major renovation.
  • Feng Shui does not need to be costly and has to remain affordable so that our customers can enjoy good and quality Feng Shui services
  • We believe in giving back to our customers and society. Should anyone has interest in Feng Shui studies, we are more than happy to conduct Feng Shui related courses to help them understand our Feng Shui methodologies. These are tried and tested, proven Feng Shui methods that were imparted by our masters.

Why Cm Centre

What makes CM Centre different from other Feng Shui masters?

  • Apart from learning classical Feng Shui from our masters, we also ensure that we practice our Feng Shui methods and products to test on our own property first! We ensure that we have tested Feng Shui methods onto ourselves first before we applied to our customers. Our customers’ property is not Feng Shui methods testing grounds.
  • While we own Feng Shui products, we do not hard our Feng Shui products.
  • We do not perform “Scare tactics”
  • Apart from providing Feng Shui services, we also provide education in Chinese Metaphysics or corporate events where you engage us for yearly Feng Shui talks. You could find our yearly Feng Shui articles in this Website.
  • We also believe in nurturing potential Feng Shui masters. In order for us to do that we provide Feng Shui related courses and guidance. This is to help them jump start their Feng Shui careers. You could contact us to find out more.

Systematic Feng Shui Audit Process:

We hope knowing our passions and motivations in Feng Shui, will help you to make an informed decision in engaging our Feng Shui services for your property.

This is the method we use to conduct our Feng Shui audit:

  • Property occupants’ Bazi and address.
  • Using our Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan) to access your property’s energy (Qi).
  • Locate the Feng Shui wealth spot of your property.
  • After the Feng Shui audit, we will explain why such Feng Shui placement is required to enhance your property energies.
  • Short analysis of Bazi reading for the property’s occupants.

Such systematic Feng Shui audit process is strictly adhered for our Feng Shui masters. This process is applied to residential properties, office buildings and even factories. We are glad to say that our Property Feng Shui methods are proven and has brought benefits to our property occupants.

CM Centre Mission & Vision:

To spread Chinese metaphysics wisdom through education and help like-minded individuals to kick start their Chinese metaphysics journey through our website.