Commercial Feng Shui (堪與)

Commercial Feng Shui Audit:

In today competitive business landscape, apart from good business acumen and strategies. How do you gain advantage amongst your peers in your respective industry field?
One, is you can engage our Feng Shui services to give you better edge than your competitors.

We will fuse in different Feng Shui theories to help business owner to harness auspicious Qi in the office so to help them in their company sales and at the same time to help business owner to achieve better yields in their business endeavors.

In the commercial Feng Shui audit apart from arranging the optimum sitting arrangement for the business owners and their employees, we will also share with them their business operation insights through the analysis of the business card and of course each audit comes with a brief Bazi analysis for the business owner so that it can help them to strategise their business planning ahead.

Commercial Services Amount