Chinese Metaphysics Centre Pte Ltd is a Feng Shui company based in Singapore. The founder Andy Tan is a professional Audio Visual SI, he started his Audio Visual business in 2008 when he returns to Singapore after 4 years outstation in china.

Since young, Andy, had strong interest in the Chinese Five Arts (五术) 山, 医, 命,卜,  相。Upon stabilizing his Audio Visual business, he start his quest in search for knowledge to fulfill his strong desire to master the Chinese Five Art. Andy had learnt from various Masters from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. When he finally met Master Andrew Tan,from SOCM. Master Andrew Tan impart his true knowledge to all his students.

Andy also decided to further his knowledge into the religious aspects. Where he met Master Chew (周祥法) and join the Jin Yin Sect (金英教) and started his journey in learning of Talisman, Praying, “Opening” (開光) for Feng Shui ornaments, and goddess statue  etc.

With this passion, Andy decided to share his knowledge with other Feng Shui believer, and decided to create this website. Singapore Feng Shui provides a platform for Feng Shui believer to learn with the correct concept of Feng Shui all based on the old Chinese method (古法). Most importantly, Singapore Feng Shui is committed towards providing professional and affordable services that are suit your residential needs and well as businesses’ needs.

Over the years his passion has drove him in learning the various arts of Chinese Metaphysics. His current Chinese Metaphysics CV as of today:

  1. Ziping Bazi(子平八字)
  2. Sihua Flying Stars Ziwei(四化飞星紫微斗数)
  3. Fengshui(阳宅风水)
  4. Talisman  (符籙)
  5. Chinese Name Selection (姓名学)
  6. Date Selection (择日学)
  7. Meihua Divination (梅花易数)
  8. Qimen Dun Jia(时家奇门遁甲)