Feng Shui Audit Services

April 16, 2017
Feng Shui Audit Services
Some of the common things our customers asked us before they engage our services: What are you charges? What are the things you required from us? How do you perform your Feng Shui audit? What does your package contains? Are there any hidden charges or would you want us to purchase Feng Shui items? I hope the below-mentioned write-out can answer our future potential ....
February 16, 2017
Services Update for 2017
Beginning of this CNY, we came to realize that customers have little or vague ideas how we conduct our Feng Shui audits or how to we perform destiny analysis reading. In order to how demystify the doubts. CM Centre will write a series of blogs that help explain how we do our work for you should you engage our services. 服務介紹 新的一年開始了。在新的一....
December 27, 2016
Fengshui Chart for 2017
We have just updated the Feng Shui chart for 2017. Feel free to download!