Ding Fire – Know your Day Master Self Element

Yin Fire Day Master

In Bazi, Ding fire (丁火) or Yin Fire (陰火) is the one of the elements of the ten heavenly stems. Its opposite is Yang Fire or Bing Fire. Where Yang Fire illuminates for all, a Yin Fire provides warmth for those around him and for those who seek it. A Yin Fire person is one that has a 丁 character in their Bazi day pillar of their heavenly stem. Otherwise known as a Yin Fire Day master.

Yin Fire Personality

A Ding Fire person is polite, warmth and passionate towards others.

Yin Fire is symbolized as a candlelight, a bonfire, or a lamp. Imagine a small gentle fire that illuminates the dark and gives warmth for those around it. People who are born with a Yin Fire Day master tend embody such characteristics.

Generally, mild-mannered and polite, they might appear to be introverted or even aloof. But once you get to know them better, they are lively and infectious. Especially at night, where the brilliance of Yin Fire is apparent for all to see.

But just like candle fire that can be extinguished by a gust of wind, Yin Fire people are fragile emotionally. They may be lively one moment and withdrawn the next.

They tend to bottle up problems and grievances inside. And when push comes to shove, they explode with anger. Just like an untended candle fire may burn down everything in its path.

A Yin Fire person can be prideful, and they sometimes tend to feel melancholy for no apparent reason. This is due to their sentimental nature to feel sorry for themselves. In fact, they enjoy these moments of sadness and self-pity. These moments are for a Ding Fire person to self-reflect and recharge.

Ding Fire Character

Yin Fire Relationship & Friendship

In group of friends, they are easy going and accommodating, often going with the flow of what others wish to do.

Yin Fire people takes care of those around them to their own detriment. This is due to their Self-sacrificial nature. They give their all to people they love and trust. They would take on responsibilities that may be too huge for anyone to bear. Often neglecting their well-being. Leading to a burnout.

They also have an affinity towards older people. They respect and likes to learn from older people who are experts in their own field. Therefore, they may choose a spouse that are older and hold a position higher than themselves.

Career and Work

In work, they are a guiding light that can bring out the best in others. And they are always happy to help. But only when asked.

Fire related industries are generally suitable careers. Such as, Photography, Videography, Research, Hospitality, Public Relations, Business and Administration. Although these days, many occupations are a mix of elements.

A female Ding Fire is calculative and loves business and is suitable to be a finance controller. Being a warm and meticulous person, Ding fire is also good at administration and Public Relations.

Strengths of Yin Fire Day Master

Does a this sound like you? To calculate the strength of a Day Master involves complex calculations taking in account of your date and time of birth. To find out more on your character strengths and uncover what the future might hold, contact us for a Bazi Consultation.