Bing Fire – Know your Day Master Self Element

Yang Fire Daymaster

In Bazi, Bing fire (丙火) or Yang Fire (阳火) is the one of the elements of the ten heavenly stems. Its opposite is Yin Fire or Ding Fire. Bing fire is an all-encompassing fire that illuminates and provides light and heat for all. A Yang Fire person is one that has a 丙 character in their Bazi day pillar of their heavenly stem. Otherwise known as a Yang Fire Day master.

Yang Fire Personality

A Bing Fire person is energetic, driven, and generous towards others.

Yang Fire is symbolized as the sun. A bright, energetic light that brings joy to others. People who are born with a Yang Fire Day master tend embody such characteristics.

It’s obvious should you meet a Yang Fire person. He’s sunny deposition and enthusiastic character is infectious. He’s the popular person that always appear happy and looking at the bright side of things.

He likes and demands to be the center of attention. And like the heat of the sun, sometimes he’s overbearing and unreasonable. With a stubbornness to boot!

A Yang Fire person is unreserved, and therefore tends to overwork or overindulge in vices. Causing health problems. They love life and all that life has got to give. Which sometimes can cause financial problems. If you are a Yang Fire person, make sure your spending is under control!

Bing Fire Character quote

Career and Work

In work, they are a naturally sociable and convincing. They are also driven by success and have plenty of new ideas. These traits enable them to excel in careers such as sales, Public Relations and social media.

Yang Fire Relationship & Friendship

As a generous giver and having an optimistic character, its easy to be friends with a Yang Fire person. But because of their strong belief system, they could unknowingly offend people with his words.

Keeping a relationship with him is difficult to say the least. For his interest in the relationship may waver constantly.

Bazi Reading Singapore: Strengths of Yang Fire Day Master

Does a this sound like you? To calculate the strength of a Day Master involves complex calculations taking in account of your date and time of birth. To find out more on your character strengths and uncover what the future might hold, contact us for a Bazi Consultation.