Gui Water – Know your Day Master Self Element

Yin water Daymaster

In Bazi, Gui water (癸水) or Yin water (陰水) is the one of the elements of the ten heavenly stems. Its opposite is Yang Water or Ren Water. Yin water is represented by rain, mist, or dew. Yin water is the water that nourishes and spreads its effects across the land. A Win water person is one that has a 癸 character in their Bazi day pillar of their heavenly stem. Otherwise known as a Yin Water Day master.

Yin Water Personality

Yin water is also symbolized as small streams or dew. Calm on the surface and adaptable to change. People who are born with a Yin Water Day master tend embody such characteristics. Yin Water people may appear to be soft and vulnerable on the outside, but they are wise and resilient on the inside.

It seems that Yin Water people are more reserved, as they have an innate insecurity and does not show his true feelings or self completely.

They are deep intellectual thinkers and like to keep abreast of current affairs.

Yin Water Character

Yin Water Relationship & Friendship

A Yin water person is also one of excellent social and soft skills. They do not like conflicts and confrontation with others.

Yin Water people are empathetic and do not discriminate a person’s background or social standing. Therefore, they can be genuine friends with almost anyone. In fact, they will have friends from all over the world.

Career and Work

They have great minds and ambitions and are idealists. Because of the constant need for challenge and change, Yin Water people may not be too happy with a desk job. On the other hand, Yin Water people are very good multi-taskers. They value jobs that can provide them with intellectual freedom.

As they have good observations skills, they are especially suited for research and investigation careers.

Water related industries are generally suitable careers. Industries related to constant movement and water are transportation, shipping, firefighting. Other vocations such as doctors, detectives, psychologist, and diver are also suitable.

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