Ren Water – Know your Day Master Self Element

Yang water Daymaster

In Bazi, Ren water (壬水) or Yang water (阳水) is the one of the elements of the ten heavenly stems. Its opposite is Yin Water or Gui Water. Yang water is represented by vast oceans and ever moving water in rivers. As a force of nature, Yang water is constantly moving on the surface, and yet its depths remain unseen. A Yang water person is one that has a 壬 character in their Bazi day pillar of their heavenly stem. Otherwise known as a Yang Water Day master.

Yang Water Personality

A Yang Water person is extroverted, independent and free spirited.

Yang water is symbolized as an ocean, waterfalls, and rivers. Ever moving, active but at the same time can be destructive. People who are born with a Yang Water Day master tend embody such characteristics. Constantly on the move, they travel far and wide. They are the ones that are bitten by wanderlust and will only be satisfied when they have visited everywhere they wish to go.

More likely than not, a Yang Water person is extroverted and outgoing. They are also deep thinkers and ponders on subjects such as philosophy and spiritual teachings. And their intelligence is apparent for all to see.

Yang water people likes to be clean, literally, and figuratively. They would feel extremely uncomfortable with unsavory people, relationships, and business deals.

Yang Water Character

Yang Water Relationship & Friendship

Among friends, a Yang water person is easy going and does not offend people easily. This is despite their nature to be straight talking and direct. They may have a temper when offended but it is never personal but towards the situation.

Relationship with Yang water people can be interesting as they have a wide variety of interests. Although the constant need to move is still inherent.

Career and Work

In work, they are extremely career driven. They may focus their lives on their career progression and is highly devoted in the right company. Otherwise, they may change jobs often if they cannot find job satisfaction.

Water related industries are generally suitable careers. Industries related to constant movement and water are transportation, shipping, firefighting. Other industries such as research, education, training, and strategy.

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