12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Pig



2019 Pig
Auspicious Stars: Tian Jie, Sui Jia 
Inauspicious Stars: Xue Ren, San Xing, Jian Feng,Tai Sui

2019 is the year of Pig. A year has passed quickly. Like every other years in Chinese Zodiac, since it the Chinese Zodiac is identical as the annual Zodiac, this year will be a Tai Sui year for Pig. Usually for year like this it is said that the Jupiter has moved to the zodiac position where its energy has effect on this Zodiac most.

Whenever such year arrives, you will usually feel bogged down by a lot of obstacles and challenges that will make you feel drained emotionally. Therefore you should keep yourself emotionally checked and stay clam always so that you are able to confront the challenges that are ahead for you. This year negative stars have impact mostly your health and probably will encounter mishap also. Usually when the health is affected your emotional state gets affected too. Therefore emotionally stable will help you to get by and staying clam keeps a keeps you awareness in place so that you can avoid un-necessarily accidents.

As for the auspicious stars, Tian Jie star usually can help reduce most of the negative stars energy. So even though you have the health and accident stars in place, you still can wriggle your way out of all the challenges that are thrown at you in 2019.

So stay contented this year and take good care of your health your year ahead can still be exciting and wonderful.

2019 肖豬的運勢
凶星:血刃,三刑, 劍鋒, 太嵗