Dragon Zodiac 2023 – Chinese Horoscope Predictions & Fortune

Dragon Chinese Zodiac



Outlook for Dragon Chinese Zodiac in Year 2023

Overall :

This year will be a better year for you as compared to last year, that is mainly because there are more auspicious stars this year. This year you should be more enthusiastic about achieving your targets or goals you have set for this year. Throw procrastinating out of the window. Ensure there is adequate planning to see through this journey.

Dragon Wealth & Fortune 2023

There should be no serious impact or threat from the negative stars that can damage your wealth luck this year. However, do note that prudent planning on your finances is still required. While you should avoid investing, you must be savvy to leverage the right investing instruments to help you through uncertain economic times next year.

Dragon Career & Job Prospects 2023

Due to the negative stars at work, you might find yourself to be engaged in unnecessary verbal conflicts or disagreements with your peers or counterpart. It will be that you set some boundaries and mind your own business to reduce such incidents from happening that might drain you unnecessarily. Apart from opinion differences, you should spend more time focusing on your project to ensure they are in the pipeline.

Dragon Relationship & Marriage 2023

To reduce or eliminate issues over relationship matters. Rather than spending time squabbling that is not constructive to the relationship at all, you should spend more time being more positive and learn how to provide constructive suggestions, love and concerns to the other half instead. Those who are single should spend time on social events to enlarge their social circle rather than dragging their feet.

Dragon Health 2023

Be mindful of your emotions and not let them overrun you. Learn to be more positive instead. Apart from the emotional state of your well-being. Apart from small ailments like cold or cough etc. You should also learn how to have a balanced diet and rest well.

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