Rabbit Zodiac 2023 – Chinese Horoscope Predictions & Fortune

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac



Outlook for Rabbit Chinese Zodiac in Year 2023

Overall :

As 2023 is Rabbit year, this year will be your Tai Sui year. Typically, you will be confronted with nitty gritty stuff. Thus, you probably feel frustrated or impatience over the little things. But thankfully because of the auspicious stars accompanying you this year, you will be able to tide over such challenges smoothly. Treat these challenges as part of your learning experience to help you soar to greater heights in 2023.

Rabbit Wealth & Fortune 2023

Overall, your wealth luck this year should be fine. However, you might tend to overspend due to a misinformed decision or clouded judgement. Thus you should try to avoid high-risk investments, but rather spend more time drawing up some achievable financial goals and remember to save for rainy days. So you have an uncontrollable urge to spend more, so why not spend it on a short course instead?

Rabbit Career & Job Prospects 2023

As this will be your Tai Sui year, you will be confronted with unnecessary challenges ahead. Such challenges can usually be overcome through calm analysis and paired with the right attitude and actions can be resolved quickly. Therefore, stay calm and be analytical, there might be a good opportunity to achieve a career breakthrough this year.

Rabbit Relationship & Marriage 2023

You will need to be able to control your emotions, or at least learn to be aware of your emotions and not to let them run wild. This will bring unnecessary issues to your relationships. Besides that, learn how to listen and understand what the other half needs to reduce miscommunications. Listen and then communicate to ensure a long enduring relationship.

Rabbit Health 2023

This year’s health will be on a roller coaster ride, all these ups and downs could be avoided if you can have more control over your emotions. If you are unable to do so, your doctor will be your best friend of the year. Having said that, do have your regular check-up.  Handle if not at least be aware of your emotions are bringing some negative impact on your health. Also, refrain from doing dangerous sports this year as well.

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2023 肖的運勢:


今年財運而言整體不差,一般有可能因為有負面情緒而導致胡亂花錢的嫌疑以外。 大致上,只要盡量避免投機性的投資。放多一點心思把自己自己的財務規劃起來以便達到未雨綢繆的階段來避免不必要的財務煩惱將會是一個明智之選。如果在情緒使然之下導致要不理智的花錢,倒不如可以考慮藉此機會上一些專業課程充實自己。