12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Dog


2019 Dog
Auspicious Stars: Tian Xi
Inauspicious Stars: Huang Fan, Gua Su, Bing Fu, Mu Yue

For the year of 2019, our friends that belongs to the Dog Chinese horoscope this year has only one auspicious star. While there four negative stars this year. Just like our Rooster friends. Like I have mentioned before, we can learn to amplified our focus so that on the positive things so that we don’t have time to think about the negative stuff.

So what does year 2019 holds? This year the negative influence from the negative stars may affect you and your family members health. Apart on health issues, you need to be more prudent on your spending. Since spending money is inevitable, you can think of going for regular check up for the how family to keep health in check.

While these are nagging problems, but the positive star Tian Xi has the ability to deliver good news to you. Therefore, like I mentioned earlier, amplify the focus on happiness. (Tian Xi) Smile and enjoy the moments. 2019 can be a very happy year for you as well.