12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2019) – Snake



2019 Snake
Auspicious Stars: Yi Ma
Inauspicious Stars: Sui Po, Da Hao, Lan Gan, Pi Tou

For the year of 2019, our friends that belongs to the Chinese Zodiac Snake this year has only one auspicious star. For such cases, we should amplified the focus on the that one auspicious star so that we could leverage on the star’s energy to sail through the year more peacefully. Apart from that, it is encouraged that you stay emotionally positive so that you have no issues in confronting the challenges ahead of you in 2019.

For the negative stars this year, because you are on direct clash with Pig, usually we termed this clash with Tai Sui. It is inevitable that you feel worrisome or flabbergasted, this is usually the case. Apart from this, there might be a chance for you to spend more and a magnet to attract un-necessary gossips.

Therefore you might want to watch your finances, spend prudently. Do be wary of what you and do, because a simple wrong move it may invite un-necessary gossips that will ruin your day.

As for the positive star, remember to amplify the focus on the positive star. Yi Ma is a star that requires you travel a lot, through traveling you get to be more positive. Therefore like I mentioned in the earlier paragraph focus on the positive star, spend more time to plan out your travel and re-charge yourself more to confront the challenges in 2019.