12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2020) – Monkey


2020 Monkey
Auspicious Stars: Lu Xu 
Inauspicious Stars: Hu, Fei Lian, Da Sha, Zhi Bei

For the year 2020, for our friends that belong to the Monkey zodiac this year has more negative stars than a positive one. This year can be a more challenging year than last year. However, I believe that it would be better to shift and amplify the focus on your career and business instead.

This is because when you understand the attributes of negative stars first so that you will realise the benefit to focus on your career or business instead. Since we are dealing with a lot of gossips and un-necessary office politics, what you should really need to do is to mind your own business instead.

That is why spending time on mindless chattering and gossiping will be really counterproductive. Spend more time to see how you can excel better in your career or business because with the strength of the auspicious star brings wealth and career excellence to you this year.

2020 is the year for you to learn to refrain or stay away from gossiping and spend more time to invest in your career and business will be your best bet.

2020 肖的運勢

2020 肖猴的朋友們應該花多一點在自己的事業上以便增加自己的收入。今年閒事莫管還是可以過得精彩的一年。