12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2020) – Ox



2020 Ox
Auspicious Stars: Tai Yang, Tian Yi, Tian Kong
Inauspicious Stars: Hui Qi, Ba An 

2020 will be an exciting year for our friends who belongs to Ox Chinese Zodiac because you have comparatively more auspicious stars than the negative stars. As the positive star’s energy outweighs the inauspicious stars more. It is hoped that you get to enjoy the positive energy more than last year.

This year, your negative stars may cause you to feel unappreciated and you find it hard to deal with the dynamism in your surroundings. However, on the bright side, you would have a positive growth or expansion in your career and there are always noble men lurking around to help you tide over your challenging times.

2020 you should preserve and not give in to challenges. Always count your blessing and live in gratitude. With the auspicious stars around to enhance your mindset positively. It will help to attract great assistance from noblemen.

2020 肖牛的運勢: