12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2020) – Rabbit



2020 Rabbit
Auspicious Stars: Tai Yin, Hong Luan 
Inauspicious Stars:Guan Suo, Gou Shen, San Xing

2020 our Rabbit friends who are in a relationship might hear the wedding bells soon. For those who are single, there might be someone that might appear in your life. Because of the auspicious star’s energy, our Rabbit friends should mingle or collaborate more with female counterparts. For all you know there might be an interesting or rewarding experience waiting for you.

However, our Rabbit friends ought to take care of their financial health seriously or prudently. Since the negative stars revolve or have a serious impact on their personal finances. Finance prudent is required to help you feel stress out by finance strain.

2020 could be a year for you to get married should you are attached.

2020 肖的運勢:


2020 有對象的朋友應該是好事將近的時候了。