12 chinese zodiac animals prediction (2020) – Snake



2020 Snake
Auspicious Stars: Yue De
Inauspicious Stars: Si Fu, Xiao Hao, Jie Sa, De Sa

2020 our friends that belong to Snake zodiac might encounter a lot of challenges in the year ahead. But to be able to understand what the challenges are ahead you will not have too many issues in managing or confronting the challenges.

Be more financially prudent refrain from buying unnecessary stuff. Apart from that, you should be more open-hearted and less calculative so that you will avoid unnecessary squabbles that may, in turn, lead to unnecessary stress. Stay calm, be cool and be less calculative.

This year auspicious star can reduce the negative energy impact and increase the auspiciousness for good event and energy. So having an open mind on challenges and with the help of auspicious star could help you overcome your issues quickly.

2020 game changer for you is the ability to stay calm and alert so to allow the auspicious star to do its magic to help reduce the negative energy less impactful.

2020 肖蛇的運勢


2020 要做精明的消費人而且不要為小事而爭鬥不休。心胸寬闊,一切美好的事物會變得更加理想一切有缺陷的事物會因吉星的力量和自己的心態有所轉變。