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Tiger Chinese Zodiac



Outlook for Tiger Chinese Zodiac in Year 2022

Overall :

This is year is the year of the Tiger, and because it is your Tai Sui year, you will most likely feel the energy of Jupiter. You are probably bogged down by things beyond your control, and because of the difficulties you face, you may lose patience over the smallest thing. So, stay grounded and calm before you make any major decisions and take care of your health as well to overcome your challenges in 2022.

Tiger Wealth & Fortune 2022

While there is no catastrophic financial crisis for you this year, you should be financially prudent because there may be unexpected expenses. To reduce risk, you should avoid high-risk investments and instead invest more money in yourself to learn new skills.

Tiger Career & Job Prospects 2022 

Because this is your Tai Sui year, you will face obstacles and challenges at work. Such difficulties can be overcome with careful planning and analysis, as well as some initiative and hard work. As explained in wealth luck, you should put more effort into improving your skill set to increase your employability.

Tiger Relationship & Marriage 2022

You need to stay grounded and humble to manage your relationship. The effects of negative stars can sometimes lead to mood swings. Therefore, to reduce the impact of your mood swings you should stay grounded and calm. Also, only if you are humbly open, it will be more approachable for your other half to open up and share their feelings with you and this will help reduce misunderstanding.

Tiger Health 2022

Because you may experience more health issues this year, you may find yourself visiting the doctor more frequently. However, take this opportunity to go for regular checkups instead, manage your emotions, be more positive, and avoid dangerous sports this year, and you will be fine.

Feng Shui 2022

The shift in Feng Shui energies is an annual affair. And because of this shift, every sector in the house that is receiving the energy will be different every year. Find out more our analysis on Feng Shui in 2022.

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